Students at TCPCE undertake an intensive journey of training, specializing in individual, couple, and family therapy, with a distinctly relational and faith- based approach. This form of psychotherapy is designed to form clinicians who can understand and work both psychologically and spiritually with clients who wish to integrate faith and spirituality into their treatment goals.

Psycho-spiritual therapy may incorporate elements of sacred scripture -- depending upon one's faith tradition -- as well as elements of spiritual care, as a way of enhancing the therapeutic work of clients. 

TCPCE is a multifaith training institute, and all those who are seeking to provide faith-based psycho-spiritual therapy and spiritual care within the context of their own religious traditions are encouraged to apply.

Foundational to our educational philosophy is an adult educational model where students are given the opportunity to develop their learning goals by working with clients in direct clinical contexts, by undertaking studies in theoretical areas, and by engaging in interactive feedback with their peers and supervisors as they develop their professional skills.

This self-directed, community-based learning environment emphasizes the need for each student to commit their own learning goals within the parameters of a structured program of study and experience. Readings from professional journal articles and books related to evidence-based practices in psycho-therapeutic theory are recommended throughout the PCE program year and vary according to the level of training.

Here is a sampling of the Theory Modules that take place over the four training units:

As part of the PCE Program, student-interns are required to:
  1. Attend the regular Monday Program Day (see PROGRAM DAY tab).
  2. Provide an average of four to five hours per-week of direct pastoral psycho-spiritual therapy.
  3. Receive one hour of individual supervision per week.
  4. Register with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC).
  5. Obtain professional liability insurance.