CASC Psycho-Spiritual Therapist Certification

After completing four PCE units (one of which may be a Basic Unit of CPE), in addition to a Specialist Process Year, candidates may qualify for a Specialist Certification Review in Pastoral Counselling, with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care.

Certified Psycho-Spiritual Therapists are granted all the rights and responsibilities associated with autonomous clinical practice, under the auspices, codes of conduct and ethical practice prescribed by CASC (see LINKS tab).

Certified Psycho-Spiritual Therapists may be invited to pursue training as supervisors in PCE through TCPCE. Please consult the PCE FLOW CHART tab to learn how education in pastoral psychotherapy as a therapist can lead to supervisory formation and education in CASC.

Training as a supervisor involves a distinct but related formation from training in psychotherapy, which involves additional academic and clinical components in order to fulfill the learning objectives for the three supervisory levels of CASC.

These three levels of supervisory training include: Provisional (stage one), Associate (stage two), and ultimately Teaching Supervisor in PCE (stage three). Provisional Supervisors are qualified to supervise students at the Basic level; Associate Supervisors are qualified for the autonomous practice of supervision at the Basic and Advanced levels; and Teaching Supervisors are fully certified instructors who can also supervise at the Basic & Advanced levels of Training as well as for Provisional Supervisors. Please see the FACULTY & STAFF tab for a list of current supervisors at TCPCE.